Thank you. Goodnight...

As they say, "It's been fun. It's been real..."

After nearly thirty years of writing, recording, performing and producing music, I've decided to quietly move on and pursue other interests. 

While I've enjoyed writing, recording, performing, producing and releasing some (not all) of my music over the years, I have reached that point where I know in my heart that it's time to move on. The truth is, while I've been a professional musician since 1986, I've spent only the last eight years doing this "full time" (giving it that one last push). In all honesty, the majority of my time spent as a performing singer/songwriter has been doing other things. During the last three years I've given serious thought to whatever might be next for me (knowing very well that, whether I like it or not, there actually will be another "next" for me). As I begin to dig into whatever that is (I actually know what that is...), I will always remember those who inspired me, supported me, and gently pushed me to see this music thing through to the end. You know who are and I thank you.

My music will still be available exclusively through CD Baby (and because of CD Baby's distribution the music is pretty much everywhere on the 'net). The various websites (including this one) however, will fade over time. I'm not one to litter and I don't intend to clutter the Internet more than it already is.

Take care. Be safe. Perhaps I'll see you 'round...

What some have said:

"A voice to match his height. This guy's really, really tall." - The San Francisco Post Gazette

"Could have been a serious contender if he'd stayed in Los Angeles." - The Los Angeles Daily News

"His voice literally shook the seats like there was no one in them. Oh, wait. There wasn't anyone in them." - The Daily Progress

"Great guitarist. Fine songwriter. Excellent cook." - The Colorado Springs Gazette

"His album, Home, is definitely in one of my Top 10 lists." - The Syracuse Post Standard

"Tell your stories. You're going to be a writer..." - Mother's last words to Anthony Tyler