Welcome to my official website. I'm glad you're here. Make yourself at home and take a look around. Listen to some of the music playing in the background (or just hit the pause button during your stay...it's all good with me). 

I've been writing, recording and producing music since I was a kid and I hope to continue for as long as possible. 2014 is shaping up to be a fairly productive year for me with the scheduled release of four singles (January saw The Price of Principle and I'm planning one for each remaining quarter) and the return to the stage with performances nationwide. Also, with the 20th anniversary of 1995's Home CD quickly approaching, I've planned a remastered re-release of Home along with a new studio album tentatively titled Ghosts in Every Room.

Feel free to drop by anytime. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I hope to see you all very, very soon.

Stay tuned...


"The guy's just a bit intense. I mean c'mon...just look at those eyes." - Sweaty McGurty

"...perhaps one of the strongest voices I've heard in a live setting. An incredible talent as yet to be heard by millions." - Tad Bachman

"Anthony? Anthony who?" - The millions yet to hear Anthony Tyler

"To see Anthony is one thing. To hear him, well, that's something you only need your heart for. Truly beautiful guitarist with an extraordinary voice." - Jane Moynihan

"Get him off the stage. Now!" - Digruntled Music Critic

"Jeez. I played football against this guy way back in '84. I had no idea..." - Homer, NY native Andy Jasper

"He's much, much shorter in person. He just sounds taller than he really is..." - Wal-Mart Shopper


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