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As of March 27, 2015, all music (both new and old) will be available exclusively through CD Baby. I have been trying for years to have everything available in one place. Finally, that's happening. March 27 also marked the reissued releases of 1993's Black Cat, 1995's original ten-track release of Home, 2006's compilation Yesterday's News (the Best of Who?) and 2008's Rock/Instrumental release Senza Voce. Arriving in April will be the never-before-released albums Don't Look Back (the EP) (yea, the one recorded in 1988-89 that became my Lawsuit Album) along with Ignition (the Lost Demos) which includes demos from 1999-2002 that were recorded during a rather disconnected period of my musical life. June 3, saw the release of Home: 20 Years On (which is highlighted below). Remastered, reimagined and repackaged with seven bonus tracks. Continuing with the first-time-ever-worldwide-release theme, I've also reissued the singles Never Surrender and One Final Bow to go along with the other single releases of the Spotify favorite The Price of Principle and LIfe Goes On

All songs are available in MP3, MP3 320 and FLAC (44.1kHz/16bit) file formats. 

The Albums

Home: 20 Years On (Remastered) (2015) album that defined a career.

Originally released on October 16, 1995, Home was an album that marked a dramatic change-of-direction for me as an artist. It would also become the album that every release after would be measured. Home, while confusing some fans of my hard-rock debut Black Cat, was an instant hit on local radio and went on to find itself firmly placed in many year-end top ten lists (Acoustic Guitar magazine, Performing Songwriter magazine, and several hometown newspapers). Over the last twenty years, Home has produced several songs that continue to reinforce the album's popularity worldwide and honestly, I couldn't be more grateful. 

From American Idol (Canada) to radio and television of South America, songs such as Dream On, Life Alone, and Love Fades Away reach a new audience on a daily basis. Music lovers of all ages continue to be pulled in by the no nonsense, bare-boned approach that Home took so long ago. What began on the beaches of Virginia during the summer of '94 has spawned an album that has never let go of the imaginations of those willing to listen and that's why I put this release together. 

Home: 20 Years On is more than just another re-issued album. It's a remembrance of a time that was much simpler and pure. I spent the better part of six months remastering the original album from its source. And while I had planned to include two new songs with this release, the more I worked, the more I realized Home: 20 Years On was about that time: that moment. The bonus tracks have never officially been released until now. Each track represents a moment during the making of Home - from the writing and demo process right through to recording every Tuesday night with Andy Peebles for most of 1995. 

I'm very proud of Home: 20 Years On. A lot of work went into making this release what it is. I hope you hear that with each track. 

Stay tuned...

Don't Look Back (the EP) (1989)

Home (1995)

Black Cat (1993)

Ignition (the Lost Demos) (2003)

Yesterday's News (The Best of Who?) (2006)

Senza Voce (2008)

Blend (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) (2015)

The Singles

Magic Touch (2015)

The Price of Principle (2014)

Life Goes On (2014)

One Final Bow (2013)

Never Surrender (2013)

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This is the entire 2015 Reissued album series and singles collection in one very cool delivery system. Includes Black Cat (2015 Reissued Series), Home (2015 Reissued Series), Yesterday's News (The Best of Who?) (2015 Reissued Series), Senza Voce (2015 Reissued Series), Don't Look Back (the EP), and Ignition (the Lost Demos) along with all the single releases with updated liner notes and lyric sheets for select singles. All music in MP3 320/CBR format.



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Yesterday's News was the first CD I released on the What The-?! Records® record label. Included with the digi-pak CD is a limited-edition 23 x 14 poster that I'll even autograph (but only if you ask).